Jurnal Ekonomi, Vol 14, No 2 (2009)

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Pananda Pasaribu, Wilson R.L Tobing, Adler Haymans Manurung


Stock market is one of place (medium) what gives opportunity to invest in to individual investor and also institutional. Therefore, arch and level of movement of stock market becomes interesting topic for pars academician and market practitioner to study it. Purpose of in this writing is: (1) to know factor mans playing a part is important to movement IHSG. The factor covers domestic factor, legal capital stream or the side of strangers; (2) studies factors influence having influence to movement IHSG. Method applied at this research is doubled regression analysis (multiple regression). Estimation method applied at research applied by ordinary least square (OLS). Result of estimation applies method OLS is expected to haves the character of best Unbiased Linear Estimate (BLUE). Conclusion of this article explains that Indonesia Stock Exchange is one of bourse which emerging so that very susceptible affected legal capital stream (capital flow) and sentiment coming from outside country. This thing can be shown from height of ownership of foreign investor to the stock in catch the global Indonesia Stock Exchange and crisis to Indonesia although in fundamental condition of good enough Indonesia macroeconomics.

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