Era Hukum, Vol 3, No 14 (2007)

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Lawren T. P. Siburian


Since Indonesia has commenced the era of law reform, the condition of Indonesia Judical System has not shown any significant improvement. The hopie of the society that the Courts could meet their important role in enforcing the law has come to an end. The amendment of 1945 Indonesia Constitution (Undang-Undamg Dasar 1945), decrees of People’s Consultative Assembly of Indonesia (TAP MPR), and Law No 35 of 1999 have now provided that the Courts and the judges must be free from any influence of the Executive branch. The existing laws are different with the laws in Old Order (Orde Lama) and New Order (Orde Baru). However, as has been stated by several parties, such as judges, lawyers, Indonesia Corruption Watch, and United Nations the judicial independence has become judicial corruption. Therefore, the improvement of Indonesia Judicial System could be done by taking strategic methods. Then, the Courts could be expected by the litigants to provide justice in the era of law reform.

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